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Leadership Coaching

We offer one-to-one leadership coaching for managers, leaders and executives to help them realise their business goals. During each session we’ll work towards improving performance, confidence and motivation, enabling individuals to better cope with the pressure of managing others.

We can also offer support for employees who are preparing for a promotion or settling into a new role. Each session offers a space for reflection and the opportunity to take a step back and focus on what’s going well, any changes that need to be made and plans for future development and success. At the end of the session, clients will come away with a renewed sense of direction and purpose, feeling motivated to achieve their goals.

Our coaching methods are objective, supportive and confidential. During each session, we’ll ask questions then offer feedback and insight based on our observations. Far from taking a one size fits all approach, we’ll tailor each session to suit your organisation’s requirements.

How can leadership coaching benefit your organisation?

A 2003 CIPD research report, a study by the International Coaching Federation, found that after introducing coaching into an organisation:

  • 68% of people reported increased self-awareness
  • 62% developed better goal-setting abilities
  • 57% reported lower stress levels
  • 40% improved their communication skills
  • 36% felt coaching had aided project completion
  • 33% experienced better relationships with co-workers

Thank you to Pete Jones for kindly allowing me the use of some of his photos on this website.