mental toughness

Mental Toughness

One of the many successful coaching methods we use at Stratus is based on a psychometric tool called Mental Toughness (MT).

Studies have shown that the higher a person’s MT, the better equipped they are to deal with the pressures, stresses and challenges of everyday life. Those with greater MT are more likely to adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude and have greater aspirations.

Increasing your MT will have a hugely beneficial effect on all areas of your personal and professional performance, increasing your ability to cope with difficult situations and to bounce back from them.

Working with both individuals and teams within an organisation, we measure toughness level using a psychometric tool called MTQ48. We’ll then work with you to improve in any necessary areas.

This method of coaching has been shown to improve performance in high-pressure environments, enhance capabilities, increase productivity and reduce stress-related absence.

What are the main benefits of increased Mental Toughness?

  • Improvement in individual performance by up to 25%
  • Better behaviour as individuals feel engaged and positive – consequently, they feel able to prioritise tasks and manage projects more effectively
  • Positive effect on wellbeing – encouraging feelings of contentment, aiding stress management and building self confidence
  • Raising aspirations – people with higher MT are more ambitious, prepared to manage risks and have higher expectations of themselves and others

Mental toughness is invaluable as a management development tool, helping employees to be more effective in all areas of their work and cope better with environmental stressors. It can also be used as an assessment tool during the recruitment and selection process, identifying the most important aspects of an organisation’s culture to ensure a better fit in areas critical for good performance.

Thank you to Pete Jones for kindly allowing me the use of some of his photos on this website.